Lancelot PROTON
(Boxing – FRA & BEL)


Lancelot PROTON de la CHAPELLE
(Boxing – FRA & BEL)


DOB : 27th of June 1998 (21 years old)
Place of Birth : Equemauville, France


Lancelot is a young professional boxer.

After winning the French championship multiple times, he competed for the Belgium national team and started his career internationally.

At only 21 years old, Lancelot already achieved impressive results which look promising for the future.

Among many skills, Lancelot is known for his liveliness and dexterity which inevitably help him be a better fighter on the ring. In parallel of his boxing career, Lancelot graduated from his high school baccalaureate in 2016 and made the decision to dedicate his life to professional boxing.
Meanwhile, he has been eager to sponsor his life choice by working on the side for the Mayor office in the urbanism department and finally joined the restauration industry that shaped his character deeper with determination and precision.

Recently Lancelot decided to focus entirely to being a professional athlete and achieving his athletic results.

Although Lancelot remains a very young boxer he is nonetheless ambitious and disciplined towards himself and the people surrounding him.

Lancelot’s primary objective is to achieve the best boxing results and acquire recognition of his hard work towards achieving this goal.


Track Record

Five-Time Winner of the France Championship
Back-to-Back winner in Educative Assault Boxing (2011-2012)
Back-to-Back winner in Young Amateur Boxing (2013-2014)
Champion of France in Junior Amateur Boxing (2016)
Finalist for his first year as a Senior Boxer (2017)

Gold Medal
Eindhoven Box Cup, Netherlands (2019)

Gold Medal
Slovenian Tournament (2019)

Back-to-Back Silver Medal
Boxam Tournament, Spain (2018)

Bronze Medal
Eindhoven International Tournament, Netherlands (2018)

Quarter Finals
European Union Championships (2019)

8th of the Finals
World Championships, Iekaterinbourg, Russia (2019)