« A good advice must be able to be combined with the
personality of the individual who receives it », Laurent Martinez.


We encourage our athletes to keep a perfect lifestyle in an effort to maintain a high-level performance, and a special attention during their trainings and official meetings.

Our main goal is to ensure this delicate balance that is often threatened by the demands of such life choice and give athletes space to practice their sport worry-free and with complete peace of mind while respecting their day to day schedule.

We offer our athletes an accurate expertise on their career choice by giving them access to our knowledge and experience from the field. While we provide such analysis, we also aim at seizing great opportunities coming along making sure we are preparing them during each step of the process.


Professional sports is fundamentally demanding at every level as it requires a personal investment and complete commitment from its participants.

Our purpose is to make sure that our athletes have the sense of self-sacrifice and this state of mind if they seek to stay efficient and reach their highest goals.

Accordingly, our mission is to intervene as main representative and grant each and every single one of our athletes the opportunity to devote themselves entirely to their discipline without worrying about their career management. We intend to respect their ambitions and needs while also ensuring to always meet their expectations and demands throughout this journey.

Image Management

We are pledged when it’s a matter of paying a particular attention and giving a high importance to our client’s image.

Our responsibility also includes taking good care of our client’s partnerships among the several groups that might solicit them (brands, media, sponsors, social networks, commercials, interventions, official meetings, etc.).

A good image does not only depend on excellent results but is also very dependent on attitude and mental state.

It implies to be irreprehensible and blameless at all times, on and off the field, showing an appropriate conduct, in line with the values and image our athletes wish to convey in order to remain a perfect example for their devoted fans.

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